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Reface Kitchens in Perth

your kitchen might be looking worse for wear after years of use, but there isn’t necessarily a need to undergo a complete kitchen renovation every time. Instead, a reface for your kitchen cabinets is a vastly underrated approach to kitchen revamp. While a renovation might result in everything being replaced, a reface will take advantage of the structural elements (such as cabinets) by applying a new, fresh face on a still-solid body.

The benefits of a kitchen reface can be quite significant – there are obvious huge savings to be made if you’re not needing to completely replace entire cabinets and drawers, and there is also time saved as well. If your kitchen layout is already appealing, a kitchen reface can work wonders to transform the space you have.

What does a kitchen reface involve?

When WA Kitchens approach your kitchen with a reface in mind, there are many factors that we address. Depending on your kitchen, these can include:

You have a large number of options when considering the finished looks of your cabinets, and it completely comes down to personal style and budget. We’re also very happy to offer advice if you’re stuck deciding.

One of the other great advantages when we reface kitchens is the effective use of materials, which means less material wastage for our landfills!

Get in touch for a beautiful kitchen refresh

If you think it’s time that your kitchen gets a much-needed refresh, but don’t want to dedicate the time and money necessary for a complete renovation, a kitchen reface is the solution. Get in touch with WA Kitchens today, and we’ll be able to walk you through the many exciting options you have available to you.

If you’d like to reface cabinets that have lost their appeal, email brian@wakitchens.com.au, or phone us on 042 4786 508. WA Kitchens also offer a whole suite of kitchen installation services, so make sure to check our services page.

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