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7 Step quide for choosing your new kitchen

Step 1: Why?

A kitchen renovation is a huge undertaking in your home. In recent years the kitchen has become the hub of the home and its important to ensure you can achieve your ideal kitchen renovation. Ask yourself why are you wanting to do a Kitchen Renovation? Is it for improvement in it`s functionality or is the style just outdated? Is your existing kitchen falling apart due to poor quality or age? Are you looking at increasing the value of your property by adding a new Kitchen. From our experience it`s usually all three! The answers to these questions will determine the type of Kitchen renovation you will want and offer a starting point to get things underway. Where do I start and how do I achieve my dream Kitchen?

Step 2: Product

This is where you can start to think about the style of Kitchen that exemplifies your lifestyle and compliments your home. Would that be a contemporary Kitchen, handless, sleek lines and minimalistic look? A Modern Kitchen that is classical and ageless yet sophisticated in style? A French Provincial Kitchen with its romantic country feel? Looking at Kitchen Magazines and going online to see Kitchen Image Galleries, or visiting sites such as Pintrest, Houzz etc, will also help with discovering Kitchen finishes which are appealing. You can then begin to consolidate what is the right kitchen style for you.

Step 3: Planning

Think about your existing kitchen and the problems you would like to have resolved by having your kitchen renovation. The big question is what would you like that you dont have in your existing kitchen? More bench space, more cabinet space, a larger Pantry, usable corners, more drawers or even just soft closing drawers, somewhere to sit at the kitchen and have breakfast, new Appliances etc… Look at the current positioning of your kitchen appliances and sink and where everything is in relationship to each other. What type of kitchen layout would be more workable so that cooking in the kitchen can be more pleasurable and efficient.

Step4: Design

Something very important, a good kitchen designer is not necessarily all about their qualifications. A kitchen designer can have many qualifications, but if they don`t have the ability to think outside the square and use creative skills, you can end up with a boring looking kitchen. This can be a very frustrating and time consuming exercise which will leave you feeling deflated regarding your kitchen renovation project. Our kitchen designer is very experienced,have excellent communication skills, and be proficient in technical drawings.Our Kitchen design program can also assist with your perception of your new kitchen design. However, there are some limitations depending on the complexity of the design. We endavour to provide a pleasant and exciting experience.

Step 5: Flat Pack

Your kitchen renovation can vary greatly in this area. There is definitely a huge difference between a flat pack Kitchen and a custom made kitchen.

FLAT PACK KITCHEN EXPLAINED? A Flat Pack or mass produced Kitchen is usually manufactured in a huge plant in Asia and sent out in flat packages to be assembled DIY. With this type of manufacturing there are choice limitations in style, sizes, materials, colour, height, benchtops, accessories etc. space cannot be utilized to its fullest due to fixed styles and sizes. The Kitchen is fitted into the space and fixed fillers are used to close the gaps. Internal hardware does not come with any guarantee and is generally of inferior quality. Your kitchen renovation cost can vary greatly depending on whether you are satisfied with a flat pack kitchen, or whether you prefer a custom made. You will pay a lot more for a Custom Made Kitchen because it has been individually and professionally designed for you, the quality of the materials used is much sturdier and will withstand the test of time. You are able to have a lot more flexibility in kitchen design, materials, colors, and accessories.Note: If you are not having a Custom Made Kitchen, then your choices would be from a limited range of styles, materials, colours, accessories and there would be a limited amount of input All room measurements are taken prior to manufacturing to ensure a perfect fit with the view to achieve a top quality kitchen renovation.

Step 6: Start to finish

If you decide to use WA Kitchens not only do we provide the custom made cabinetry but also project manage your whole kitchen renovation. This includes the trade work (demolition + removal of old Kitchen, installation, plumbing, electrical, plastering, flooring, tiling, lighting) and any possible structural alterations. Although you will be paying more for this service, life can go on as usual with minimal disruption. If you are time poor, then this is definitely a good option. Kitchen Appliances can also vary greatly in cost depending on the brand quality. For example, a Kitchen Appliance package can range from $4,000 to $30,000.00.We highly recommend Smeg appliances in the cooking area and Fisher and Paykel in the cooling area. There is a huge difference in the quality and longevity between this spectrum.

Step 7: Visit

The best way to put this together is by visiting a our showroom that showcases a wide variety of kitchen styles, accessories, materials and samples. Usually our Showroom is staffed however sometimes we may not be available so it would be best to phone or email inadvance.

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